Weekly Reads: 18 Dec, 2017

Which countries feel they’ve benefitted from the EU? (World Economic Forum)

Which countries buy the most groceries online? (World Economic Forum)

How Snapchat is separating social from media (AXIOS)

John Burbank’s Passport Hedge Fund Hopes for New Savior in Bitcoin (WSJ)

Gas supply crunch hits China chemical production (ICIS)

China’s War on Smog Unleashes Collateral Damage on World’s Farms (Bloomberg)

China u-turns on rapid end to coal heating (dw.com)

Conventional wisdom on Japan is wrong (FT)

Disney and Fox (stratechery.com)

Target is buying Shipt for $550 million to beef up same-day delivery (Los Angeles Times)

Andrew Ng Says Factories Are AI’s Next Frontier (Technology Review)

Harvard Endowment Chief Pushed for Steeper Devaluation of Assets (WSJ)