Weekly Reads: 26 Aug, 2018

How an International Hacker Network Turned Stolen Press Releases Into $100 Million (The Verge)

Paul Singer, Doomsday Investor (The New Yorker)

Benchmark Capital Stays Lean, Even After $14 Billion Bonanza (WSJ)

Who’s Afraid of Abby Johnson? (Boston Magazine)

How an Investment Legend Is Trying to Beat Yale (Institutional Investor)

Jay Powell’s path for the Fed is fraught with complications (Financial Times)

The Next Big Bet in Fracking: Water (WSJ)

Physicists Find Evidence Of Another Universe That Existed Long Before Ours, Along With A Ghost Black Hole (Inquisitr)

A Messy Battle Brews in the Options Market (WSJ)

WeWork Throws a Party as it Burns Through Cash (Vanity Fair)